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Good Neighbor Agreement Stillwater

On 10. April 2021, in Allgemein, by Norman

This is an anniversary worth raising, given that the legally binding agreement not only guarantees responsible mine development and the protection of natural resources, but is also cited around the world as a gold standard for organizations trying to recreate it. Melville Rancher Paul Hawks is a member of the Cottonwood Resource Council and was part of the original team that negotiated the agreement in 2000. Hawks describes the agreement as a model for expanding the way in which the relationship between industry and the community is thought. Good-neighbourly agreements or local ACCORDS are designed to hold large companies accountable for their environmental behaviour – but can successful businesses really be tamed? The story is rich in lessons about the strengths and weaknesses of the documents: in 1999, three grassroots organizations – the Northern Plains Resource Council (NPRC), the Cottonwood Resource Council and the Stillwater Protective Association (SPA) – complained about the construction of a mine. Going to court was costly and timely and ultimately ineffective. The members of the Council wished for a creative opportunity to remain inside the mining operation without being indebted to the mine operators and therefore requested a good neighbourhood agreement. Negotiations with the mine owner lasted more than a year, but the result is considered a „Cadillac“ of the ACA, since the contract applies directly to the mines themselves, regardless of who they belong to. Twenty years ago, a group of ranchers, herders and members of Montana`s rural community came together and reached a rare agreement with a mining company: responsible for the environmental standards established by the municipality in exchange for unfettered use of the country. As Sibanye-Stillwater CEO Neil Froneman told a group last summer, „This agreement is first class.“ The commitment of the parties has clearly proven to be the key to the success of the GNA, but it goes beyond that, as McDowell points out. „We don`t always agree, but these challenges are good because it means that the agreement works and we take into account different points of view. Sibanye-Stillwater believes that the agreement has achieved its original objectives of minimizing the potential negative effects of their activities, establishing open communication between the parties and ensuring that community groups have the opportunity to participate in company decisions. According to the press release, in the 1990s, residents of both watersheds were looking for ways to preserve pristine waterways and natural landscapes beneath Montana`s Denbeartooth Mountains. Concerned about the impact of growing mining, community members sent a letter to the mine – as neighbors rather than legal adversaries – and invited company representatives to meet and discuss concerns.


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