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It Service Sector Collective Agreement 2020

On 10. April 2021, in Allgemein, by Norman

Under the Collective Agreements Act, the terms of the collective agreement are mandatory for our member companies. Because of the extensive coverage of the agreements and the generally restrictive rule of the employment contract law, they also bind unrelated employers in the aforementioned branches. Under the new agreement, the evening and evening bonus is 0.72 euro per hour from 1.4.2020 and the night and night bonus 1.33 euro per hour. Scores, minimum wages and hourly base fees in the janitors and one-time cleaners protocol will increase accordingly on the same dates. Area of application The collective trade agreement sets minimum standards applicable in the industrial sector, such as wages, working time, sick pay, midweek leave pay, etc. The conditions are minimum conditions that employers must apply to all their workers. Instead of unpaid hours, employers will now be able to benefit from 8 hours of training, introduction or session per year. These are paid at the basic rate. The new agreement provides, for example. B meetings and training after the working day, pay work allowances and Sunday allowances. A maximum of 8 hours of this type can be accumulated per year at no extra cost for overtime or overtime. The provision will come into effect on 1.1.2021. The trade collective agreement applies to retail, wholesale, agency, kiosk, gas station, retail and machine assistance or rental businesses.

The agreement applies to workers covered by the Working Time Act. The provision agreed in the 2018 conciliation proposal was included in a separate section of the collective agreement. During the previous contract period, many companies entered into local agreements on the payment of a bonus for body waste. PAM offers Shop Stewards training on local workplace agreements. What the agreement says: – The payment of a personal waste bonus, i.e. for cleaning faeces, vomiting or blood inside, must be agreed on the spot. Changes to the industrial collective agreement As part of the collective agreement, the primary objective is for wage adjustments to be agreed on the ground taking into account the circumstances of the business. If the agreement on a local payslip fails, wages are adjusted in accordance with the so-called withdrawal clause of the collective agreement. What the agreement says: – In a calendar year, an employee has at least 12 Saturday-Sunday combinations of days off, unless otherwise agreed with the employee or for a justified reason. Daily combinations do not apply to employees who work primarily on weekends. Days off are counted as combinations of days off.

If an employee has not worked all year, the combinations of days off are given pro-rata. Collective agreement for senior technology executives 2020-2021 tietoala-tes_englanti_2020_web.pdfLadattu tiedosto: 20.5.2020 Collective agreements are one of the most important benefits of trade unions.


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