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Master Hosted Services Agreement

On 10. April 2021, in Allgemein, by Norman

11.4. Use of information; No legal advice. Services may include the collection of content on social media and other types of media that concern the customer, their products and services or their competitors („social content“). The client acknowledges and accepts that the company is not required to identify the social content that the client or a third party must enter (whether under legislation, regulations or other means) or to provide legal advice regarding social content. The entity may use one or more subcontractors or other third parties to fulfill its obligations under the agreement, provided that the entity remains responsible for its obligations under the agreement. If the Subscriber uses UCclouds.com in a manner in conflict with these Terms of Use, the Subscriber may be considered, at the discretion of UCclouds.com, as a delay in this Contract. Similarly, UCclouds.com is a VMware (CSP) service provider. All VMware products and services installed on a subscriber`s desktop or server must be licensed with UCclouds.com through the CSP program. Notwithstanding the VMware Public License, the subscriber cannot install VMware software that is authorized by other means, z.B on retail purchases. Notice to subscribers who AbroadUCclouds.com filter Internet traffic inside and outside countries suspected of industrial espionage against the United States.

Subscribers travelling to these regions should contact UCclouds.com to arrange traffic filtering exceptions to allow the subscriber to connect to the infrastructure hosted during travel in these countries/geographic regions. You can get an updated list of countries and regions blocked by UCclouds.com of the EliteSupport team. 6.2. Interactive services. Hosted services may include commentary or messaging features, features that allow you to post or transfer content to social networking platforms or other services, and similar services that allow or facilitate the publication of content by the customer („interactive services“). Using interactive services, the customer agrees not to publish any of the following options: 10.2. Restricted use and non-disclosure. Each party will protect the other party`s confidential information to the extent that it protects its own confidential information of the same nature (but with no less than a degree of due diligence). In addition, each party will not disclose the other party`s confidential information to third parties, unless the third party is required to access confidential information to comply with the agreement and third party`s access to that confidentiality and the use of such confidential information is subject to usage and disclosure restrictions that protect no less than those provided in the agreement.


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