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Msi Parameter License Agreement

On 11. April 2021, in Allgemein, by Norman

I`m trying to install an app in Windows 7 with cmd. during installation, it appears for the user license and agreement and I have to accept that for subsequent installation. I used /S with the .exe file, but the license window is still open. I`m trying to install „wget“ for Windows: gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/wget.htm The License Agreement Dialog box displays the text of the license agreement and contains a group of options (yes or no). If the end user refuses to accept the CLUM, your software will not be installed and the installation will be completed. Is it possible to run an application and get the setup steps accepted, i.e. to enter into the license agreement and automatically start with cmd.exe or PowerShell? You can first try, wget.exe /? or wget.exe /help in a cmd to get help windows that typically display all the accepted settings of the configuration. You can also visit the application provider`s website. Normally, you`ll find installation instructions in the support section that contain accepted settings.

Note that the silent /s setting has been replaced by /qb in the syntax. Interactive installation: If you want to install with a user interaction, you can find the property that controls the acceptance status of the license agreement and place it on the corresponding value – as a rule 1 – to indicate the accepted license. In this case, you should use the switch /v[your settings and your property]“ to switch MSI settings. I try to install a .msi file with the C code in silence and silence without any user input. I have a hard time circumventing the license agreement to keep the installation going. Is there a way to put forward an argument so that the agreement is accepted without the user? It is an msi installer who must execute and accept a license agreement on the first page and then run the content. Can this be done in an unsupervised manner? In addition, there is a chance of setting up exe files also accept the settings msi: „AGREETOLICENSE“ or „ACCEPTEULA“ are those of interest to you . Turn off the verification of incompatible software. The list of incompatible software is available in the incompatible file.txt that is included in the distribution kit. If no value is set for this setting and incompatible software is detected, the Kaspersky Endpoint Security installation will be complete. If this doesn`t work above, then it means that the exe setup has been developed into a type of poor practice of silent installation and settings support.


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