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Sunrise Fire Rescue Collective Bargaining Agreement

On 13. April 2021, in Allgemein, by Norman

But firefighters and police are collecting what the city has agreed to pay, he said. Browse our Database of Sunrise Police and Fire Wages and overtime at SunSentinel.com/sunriseot. „The public doesn`t know that the millionaire next door is a policeman or a firefighter.“ Last year, 70 officers and 53 firefighters earned more than $100,000 from overtime and extra-professional retail positions. Sunrise Policy payment is $54,600, compared to $51,110 for a firefighter/ambulance driver in the first year. Police employ 172 sworn officers and firefighters 134 firefighters. Each department currently has eight vacancies. The firefighter with the most overtime made 17,620 $US, bringing his total salary to 156,150 $US. Citing difficult times, elected officials and city manager Bruce Moeller are investigating the increase in the salaries of the city`s police and firefighters. Sunrise has provided $38.2 million for police services and $22 million for firefighting for the next fiscal year. John McNamara, president of the city`s firefighters` union, said Sunrise firefighters would not forget layoffs, pay cuts and the heartbreaking Furloughs by the private sector.

Police and firefighters earned a total of $1.8 million in overtime in 2009, $1.43 million went to the police and the rest to firefighting. „They don`t abuse overtime,“ Krege said. „You work those hours.“ „We take care of overtime and make sure it is not abused,“ Alu said Tuesday. „I don`t think we can give increases in a period like this. Not on my watch. High wages have raised the alarm for Wishner, who is pushing for a general wage freeze for all workers until the economy improves. However, long-time resident Lou Hendrix believes that the salaries and pensions paid to public safety officers need to be reviewed. „It raised eyebrows,“ she said. „In the past, we gave them better pension benefits and lower wages.

But now they have good pensions and good wages. Even Alu says she was surprised to learn that some officers earn between $42,000 and $96,000 in overtime alone. City and union officials say that paying overtime costs less than hiring more staff. Susannah Bryan is at sebryan@SunSentinel.com or 954-572-2077. „Some of these guys deserve serious dollars,“ Wishner said. „Overtime seems huge. At the end of the day, it is management`s responsibility to deal with overtime. Commissioner Sheila Alu says she is also concerned about the toll going beyond the budget. „There is no way we are twisting everyone`s arms,“ he added.

„They are the ones who approve of the benefits and accuse us of what they cost.“ Some Sunrise police officers earn overtime pay equivalent to at least half of their salaries, even as city officials try to close an $8.1 million gap for the fiscal year that begins October 1. „We use the dollars from these positions to pay for overtime,“ Moeller said.


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